Green Fees

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18 Hole     Rs.9000

9 Hole      Rs.6500

After 4 pm  Rs.6000


Players wishing to play second 18 holes on the same day may do so by paying an additional Rs.1500




Our team of caddies add tremendous value to your game,whether it’s giving you the correct line on your tee shot or helping with that crucial putt. Please note the use of One Caddie Per Player is compulsory.
Caddie Fee Rs.750


The Caddie Tip is left to the Player to decide we do however recommend Rs.600 or more as a “good” tip


Buggy Hire 18 Holes Rs.4,500                  18 hole Hire Club ( Graphite and Steel ) = Rs.3,000

Buggy Hire 9 Holes Rs.2,250                    09 hole Hire Club ( Graphite and Steel ) = Rs.1,500


Ball Spotter and Tips


Our Team of Ball Spotters help make sure you find your ball and aid the speed of play on the Golf course.
The use of Ball Spotters is compulsory – for single or two ball at least one Ball Spotter must be taken and for a Three or Four Ball minimum of Two Ball Spotter must be used.
Ball Spotter Fee R.350


The Ball Spotter Tip is left to the Player to decide however we recommend Rs 300 or more as a “good” tip